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Axxon Ltd is a Polish pharmaceutical entity existing on the market as of 2005. Every year Axxons’ portfolio is broadened with new products in dermatology, psychiatry, neurology & urology, pediatry. In our daily work we follow and apply the philosophy of Axxon Company, which essence is HIGH QUALITY IN EACH DIMENSION. High quality is monitored from the very first step starting with earliest phase of production & quality control of our drugs & medications, ending on dynamic delivery of new & price friendly therapies for all Polish people.

High quality of Axxon drugs confirmed by bioavailability studies and high commitment of all Axxon team has allowed us to gain as a company significant success on the Polish pharmaceutical market. Most of the offered drugs found in Axxon portfolio are registered on the European procedure level (MRP & DCP), which means that they are available in other EU countries. Part of drugs are also certified by FDA (Federal Drug Administration) which not only means that they are also available in United States, but also confirms the high quality of drugs necessary for this particular certification. All drugs found in Axxon portfolio are produced according to the highest standards of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Appliance of modern technologies, ensure high quality, efficacy and safety of offered by Axxon therapies.

As of year 2008 with the development of Axxon company, dynamic process of broadening of internal structures of the company follows. Driving force of Axxon’s success are not exclusively high quality drugs & medications, but before all dynamic and substantively qualified Medical Representatives as well as experienced Office Team, whose number has significantly increased during the last few years.

Axxons’ philosophy, management style of the company as well as the whole Team spirit , make Axxon company a friendly working environment for professionals, who in a honest and ambitious way strive for self-realization. All expectations supported with aim for high quality in each dimension make work of all Axxon Team, demanding, interesting and before all evolutionary.

Confirmed efficacy, proven safety of all Axxon products, their universal accessibility and high level of services offered by Axxon, allowed the Company to gain recognition and sympathy of Polish Medical Society and trust of Polish patients.

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